How do due date emails work?


Catalyst has the ability to automatically remind users when they have tasks to complete. The tasks could be assigned as part of the Automated Plan or BIA workflows, or could be part of maintaining other key areas of Catalyst that include an Update Frequency field.

Catalyst determines the due date by considering the following:
• When the item is due, taking into account the last updated date and the update frequency
• What the Target Completion Data is (if noted)

Catalyst then uses whichever of the above two is lower.

Catalyst will send an email reminder for an item at the following intervals using the outcome of the above formula:
• 30, 14, 7 days before
• On the due date
• Every 7 days after

A Request Approval button on plans, BIAs, documents, and exercises allows the user to manually update the due date. If you enter a value into the due date field on the form, it will change the due date for the item. If you do not wish to change the due date, then leaving the due date field blank will retain the originally calculated date from the above set up. Additionally, if you use this form to enter a new due date, then resend the approval request again but with no due date, the item will return to its original due date.

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