What are exercise requirements?


The Exercises use the document structure that plans also use in Catalyst. As a result, Exercises have the ability to be set up with an approval frequency and updated yearly, unfortunately, most auditors want an unaltered exercise document for each year. Each exercise is given an approval frequency of 0 days in the exercise documentation meaning once it is approved, it does not need updated or approved again.

This is where Exercise Requirements come in. The Exercise Requirement performs two tasks: 1) Create a frequency for conducting exercises; 2) Tie the exercise document to the plan.

The Frequency field collects the number of days for how long the exercise is valid. If an exercise has been linked to a plan and approved within that frequency time frame the plan's exercise status is passing. If the plan has not had an approved exercise in that time frame, it will show as a failing exercise status.

The Exercise Requirement links to a plan through the use of the Tags field used both on the exercise requirement and on the plan. The Exercise Type field used on the exercise requirement and on the exercise document makes the final connection to tie the exercise and plan together. The same tag and exercise type should be used in both places where they are collected. This is how Catalyst is able to determine if a plan has been exercised within the frequency field discussed above. 

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