How To Add Document Sections To Plans


Document Sections are the individual components that make up Plans, IT Plans, Exercises, and Documents (collectively referred to as Documents), and it is these Document Sections that allow Documents to be customized.

Document Sections can be added two ways. For new, blank Documents, there will be a gray text box with a blue text link that says "Add a new Section". Clicking the link will open the New Section window to add sections to the document.

In Documents with existing document sections, adding new sections works a little differently. First, the link to open the New Section window appears under a drop down menu button that is hidden until you hover the mouse over the section header. Once you hover over the head and click the menu button, select New Section to open the New Section window. Where the new section is created in the Document is based on where you click to add it. The section falls after the section where the menu option was selected.

If you have modified the plan structure to display certain sections nested under others in a manor similar to an organized list where the new section appears in the plan will be based on that structure.

Example Document structure:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Team
    1. Team Contacts
    2. Team Map
  4. Recovery Times
  5. Recovery Resources

In the above example, clicking the menu next to Cover Sheet will insert the new section between Cover Sheet and Table of Contents.

Clicking the menu next to Team will insert the new section on the same level as Team but before Recovery Tiems.

Clicking the menu next to Team Contacts will insert the new section as a subsection under Team but between Team Contacts and Team Map.

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