What are tags and how do they work?


Tags are a handy identifier, allowing users to refine large lists of data based on categories and groups. For example, a user could group a set of departments as a business unit by creating a tag for that business unit, and then assigning that tag to the relevant departments.

The following modules support tags:

  • Documents
  • BIA
  • Risks
  • Plans
  • IT Plans
  • Applications
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Exercises
  • Exercise Requirements
  • Incidents
  • Actions
  • Internal Contacts
  • Exercise Requirement
  • Management Reviews
  • Files
  • Bullhorn Messages

While editing or creating a new item from any of the above modules, locate the Tags field, and enter the name of the category or group in the Tags field.

Search Tags:

To search for existing tags currently in use, enter the percent symbol (percentage) to display a drop down list of existing tags. The list will only display a shortlist of items, but if add letters after the % you can narrow down the list to the specific item you are trying to find.

Create Tags:

Create a new tag by typing the text into the field, pressing the enter button when finished. This will create a visual tag reference in the field.

Delete Tags:

Delete an existing tag by clicking the "x" on the right of the gray box that appears around the tag.

Deleting all instances of a tag will remove it from the system.

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