What is the difference between a Contributor and an Owner?


Catalyst is designed with two different levels of permission: Item Level Permissions and Site Level Permissions. Site level permissions are set through the User Security Roles, and apply a blanket level permission across everything in that category. The individual item level permissions are set through the Contributor and Owner roles on that item. The individual Item roles work best with users that have the User role, because the highest granted permission will always win out.

Users that are given the Contributor role on a BIA, Plan, Document, etc. will be able to:

  • Update that item
  • Add data to that item
  • Modify the item properties
  • For Plans - create a plan based Bullhorn message
  • Complete the Contributor level approval when using the 3 level approval workflow

Contributors are not able to:

  • Send the Bullhorn messages they create
  • Approve an item in the default workflow
  • Delete the item
  • Change the owner of the item

Users that are given the Owner role are able to do everything a contributor can do except contributor level workflow approvals, plus the following:

  • Send Bullhorn messages that the owner or contributor creates
  • Approve owners in the default approval workflow
  • Provide Owner level approval in the 3 level approval workflow
  • Change the Owner of the item
  • Delete the Item
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