How to Add Contacts to a Plan


Internal Contacts can be added to Plans, IT Plans, Exercises, and Documents (collectively referred to as Documents). In order to add internal contacts to documents, two document sections are required. The document needs the Team document section and the Team Contacts document section.

Team Section

This is a dynamic content section. Give the section a title, and enter any text that you would like in the content box. After saving, the section will appear with a button that says Add Role. Here, you can add the roles for the team in general, or their recovery roles when activating the plan. You can have multiple team sections in one plan if you want to designate both employees in the plan, and the employees that are part of the recovery team.

Team Contacts Section

This is a special section that reads the primary and alternate member names from the team section and displays these persons contact information. You can display the contact information for all contacts in all team sections, or you can specify which team sections to use.

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