Why is my rich text section not saving?


If you are trying to update a rich text section, and the section does not save for you, it is probably due to the content in the text field exceeding the character limit. The maximum is 21844 characters per rich text field section.

The character count limit is applied to the raw HTML mark up. If you have lots of highlighted, bold/italic text, and tables, then the HTML code that makes those appear is included in the count. We recommend reviewing the HTML (if you are comfortable with that) and removing any unnecessary markup. If you are not comfortable working with the HTML, we recommend splitting the section into multiple document sections and then nest the additional sections under the parent.

To nest an item, click on the Actions drop down button and select Edit Structure. This will take you to a file view of the plan. Beside the plan name you can click the right facing triangle to expand the listing of items. Each additional triangle that appears is a section that has been nested inside an item. You can click, drag and drop the sections to reorder the plan by dropping items above or below other items, or nest one item into another by dropping it on top of the parent item.

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