How are capability scores calculated in Insights Reporting?


Capability is measured by looking at the Requested RTOs of a company and measuring to see if they can be met. This is done by taking what has been requested, what has been committed to, and what has been proven through exercises. Insights looks at both the Recovery Time Objective and the Recovery Point Objective (also known as Data Loss Tolerance) to determine the score.

Not everything in an organization requires the Requested, Committed, or Proven RTO fields to have a value. Activities have a Requested RTO, Committed RTO, and Proven RTO. Departments do not have any of these because they roll up all of their individual activities. Products only require a Committed RTO and Proven RTO.

Catalyst’s tracking system then calculates the Recovery Capability Rating. If an item has a Requested RTO, the metric tracks whether the Committed RTO is lower than the Requested RTO. If it is, it is given 100 points. If the Requested RTO is more aggressive than the Committed RTO, it is given 0 points.

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