Can Catalyst calculate my RTO for me?


Yes. Catalyst can calculate your RTO for you. To do so, Catalyst has you set thresholds in the site settings for both financial and downtime impact levels that will trigger the RTO; taking the work out of calculating your RTOs manually. When the two impacts are entered on the activity sliders, they are compared to the the threshold levels. The RTO is based on the timeframe that the first one of the two inputs crosses the threshold.

How to Turn on Calculated RTOs

  1. Go to Administration => Manage My Account => Catalyst Settings
  2. Place a Check in the box next to Calculated RTO to turn it on
  3. Enter the minimum financial cost of a disruption to trigger an RTO in the Financial Downtime Impact Threshold field
  4. Enter the minimum impact rating from 0 to 5 to trigger an RTO in the Downtime Impact Threshold field
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

The RTOs will now be calculated based on the data entered into the BIAs through the Activity impact sliders.

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