Maximizing your BIA: Linking Products/Services to Activities


The BIA is the hub for documenting how your organization produces its final product as well as what resources support the creation of that product.

This process requires that you first document the products or services that your organization provides. You can document this by logging into Catalyst and going to Administration => Products and Services. Here, you can create entries for each product and service, provide a description for it, and enter the committed and proven downtime for it.

Next, a BIA should be created for each department/ business unit in your organization. Each BIA records the activities/processes performed by that department. The Activity has a Related Product/Service field that allows you to enter the Products and Services this activity helps support. 

Up to this point you have now connected your organizations products and services to a BIA via the activity. It is possible for one BIA to have multiple activities and for each activity to support one, none, or many products and services.

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