How to use Bullhorn from within plans


Plan Owners have the ability to send Bullhorn messages right from their Plans. This new functionality makes Bullhorn accessible to individual plan owners – but limits them to only be able to send notifications to contacts listed in their Plan. This makes small scale messaging easier to delegate to your end users.

Enabling Bullhorn Messages from Plans

To enable this feature, just go to Administration->Manage My Account->Catalyst Settings->Enable Bullhorn for Plans and simply check the box and click Save.

Managing Messages in Plans

  1. Click on the green Manage Bullhorn Messages button in the plan (see screenshot). This will take you to the Message page. Only messages for this Plan will show up on this page.
  1. To Create a new message, click on the New Message button in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  1. Create a new message as you would with the regular Bullhorn. With this new feature, users will only be able to select from the Roles created in their particular Plans.
  1. Users can also add a new Document Section type to their Plans called the Bullhorn Message Log. This will show a log of the Bullhorn messages sent from the Plan. Users will have the ability to choose the date range of messages they would like to view.
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