How to Manage Due Dates in Catalyst


Due dates for BIAs, plans, IT plans, management reviews, documents, and exercises have been redesigned to simplify the process for changing a due date and understanding when an item is due. Now the due date is clearly listed in each item and the approval frequency only functions to set a due date on creation of an item or approval of an item. Only Catalyst users with Account Owner and BC Team permission roles will automatically have access to manually edit due dates. A due date that is manually edited overrides the approval frequency.


Note: Plans is used in this an example, but these instructions apply to BIAs, plans, IT plans, management reviews, documents, and exercises

  1. Open a plan
  2. Select Edit Properties in the Plan Actions menu

  3. Due date is a required field at the bottom of the form, you can edit the date shown or select the calendar to choose the new due date 
    1. A warning popover appears – hover over it to see a message that the new due date doesn't match the approval frequency

  4. Click Update to save the changes to the form


After the plan is approved, the next due date will automatically be calculated again based on the day it was approved + the number of days listed in the approval frequency. The plan status will change to Expires Soon beginning 8 days from the due date and displays the actual date that the plan is due right in the status. Insights Reporting ties directly to the due date. Items with approved or expiring soon status receive a score of 100 and items with a status of expired receive a score of 0.

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