How to create activity-to-activity dependencies in a BIA


Until recently, Catalyst allowed users to create activity-to-department dependencies in the BIA – users simply needed to open a BIA, create a new Department Dependency, choose the activities in the current BIA that depended on the target department, and click save. Now, we’ve updated the Department Dependency section of the BIA to enable users to go one level further – allowing more detailed dependencies to exist – by enabling users to not only choose a department to depend on but an activity within the target department as well. This relationship will be reflected in the Insights Reporting module as well – giving users an even more detailed analysis of where gaps may exist in their program. Below are instructions on how to use this new functionality. Of note – this is not required by default – so if you don’t want or don’t need Activity-to-Activity dependencies, don’t worry. 

  1. Open a BIA that has at least one Activity
  2. Select the + Department Dependency button in the Department Dependencies section and fill out the form
    1. Activities Dependent on this Department or Activity - The activity from the current D that relies on the Department Dependency or Activity from that department
    2. Department Dependency - The department the current BIA activity depends on
    3. Select an Activity - This will link the activity from the current BIA to the activity in the target
      BIA (note: this field is not required by default, and can be hidden)
    4. Description - Describe how the current BIA uses the target BIA or activity
    5. Manual Workarounds - Describe the process if the Department or Activity are unavailable
    6. Contact Information - List key contact information
    7. Requested RTO - Maximum amount of downtime
    8. RTO Justification - Reason for the Requested RTO
  3. Save the Department Dependency

All the Department Dependency information is now listed including the name of the activity (if specified) and the department with all the activities used by the department. All Documents and Plans that pull in related BIA department dependency data also include the activity data field.

Insights Reporting

Activity relationships can be viewed in Insights by filtering down to see all the activities associated with the department. 

  1. Open Insights Reporting
  2. Expand Program Assessment Reporting
  3. Expand Program Status
  4. Select Departments
  5. Choose a department from the list
  6. Choose Activity from the objects to display in the menu on the right
  7. Apply Filter
  8. The Relationship Diagram displays all the activities related to the department
  9. The Depends On section lists all the activities and dependent activities for that department
  10. The Depended On By section lists all the activities where the department is listed as a dependency
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