How do I customize time frame values like RTO and RPO?


Catalyst comes with standard time frame values, like the options for RTO and RPO, but these values are designed to be customizable to fit the needs of your BC program. When you customize the time frame options, those changes will be reflected in any time drop down menu in Catalyst, not just RTO and RPO. This document outlines how to customize time frame values in Catalyst, including RTO and RPO.

  1. Open the Administration drop down menu
  2. Select Customize Site
  3. Select Customize Fields
  4. Choose Timeframe from BIA Sections



  1. Click the Edit button on the Field Settings for Timeframes page
  2. Click a custom_# link from the Field Name column
  3. The Edit text screen displays the language options in Catalyst
  4. Change the text to the timeframe you want to see
  5. Example: 8 Hours
  6. Click Save

    Note: if you only change the text for English, then users with any of the other default languages will only see custom_# as the timeframe option in the drop down



Now that your custom field name is created you have to put it in the proper list order. Catalyst calculates RTO and RPO gaps by the placement of the values on the timeframe list. If you create an 8 Hour option for the list, it needs to be moved between the 4 Hour and 12 Hour options. If it is at the end of the list, Catalyst will assume that it is the maximum value listed, meaning it will read 8 hours > 4 Weeks. This will cause your RTO and RPO calculations to be incorrect.


  1. Hover over the custom row
  2. Left click and drag the row to the proper place in the list
  3. Uncheck Hidden in the Options column
  4. Click Save


Now you will see the custom options in any timeframe list. BIA Activities, for example, will list the custom options in the Financial and Downtime Impacts and RTO drop down and Applications will display the options in all of the RTO and RPO fields.



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