How do I change the number of History Log items that display?


The history log displays approvals and PDF printouts of approved documents. There are a few questions that we get about the history log, like being able to see older items that are not displaying or removing the history log when printing a PDF. This document details the steps to change the number of items that display in the history log.

  1. Open the Administration menu
  2. Select Manage My Account
  3. Open Catalyst Settings
  4. Find the History Limit field



The history limit is where you can set the number of versions that display in the history log. If you want to print a current version of a document without displaying a history log in the PDF,  you can set the history limit to 0. If you set it to 2 versions the documents will show everything from the last two approvals with the PDF links. To show all versions in the history log, set the History Limit to -1.

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