Understanding the Risks Module


In Catalyst’s Navigation Menu, clicking on Risks will take you to the Risks module. The Risks module will list all of the risks documented within Catalyst (sorted alphabetically by the Title field) and display each item’s assigned Impact Rating, Likelihood Rating, and overall Risk Rating.

Risks identified through the Locations, Suppliers, or Applications Modules will be automatically tagged with FacilityDependency, SupplierDependency, or ApplicationDependency, respectively. Any risks created by BIA owners to reflect any other resource losses will not have a tag assigned, although additional tags can be added to these or any listed risks using the Risk edit screen.

If the Owner field has been populated, the Owner’s name will be listed. Again, the Impact Rating assigned in the BIA to the department resource dependency and the Likelihood Rating assigned to the resource entry will also be shown here, as well as the associated Risk Rating that is calculated by multiplying the Impact Rating and the Likelihood Rating together.

You can click on the Title of the risk to see a more detailed view of the risk as shown below.

You can also click the Edit button to edit certain fields within the risk entry; however, this view of the risk has certain fields locked to maintain data integrity. To edit the locked fields, you must edit them through the related Dependency and Item pages.

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