Customizing Fields in Catalyst


In Catalyst, users have the ability to customize Field Names. The Field Name displays on the form when adding data to the system. In the picture below, Title, Description, and Related Products/Services are all examples of customizable field names. 


Changing the name of fields in Catalyst

  1. Log in to Catalyst
  2. On the screen that loads, click Administration and select Customize Site
  3. Click Customize Fields
  4. Select a section to customize it
  5. Click Edit in the top right corner of the screen
  6. In the popup that opens, click the Field Name of the field to rename it
  7. The Edit text for Title pop-up will appear with text boxes to set the value of the field name in English and Spanish. Enter the new name for the field in the text box.
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Save on the Edit Pop-up
  10. The field name has now been changed.
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