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This section will guide a user through setting up Outlook with an iCal feed from Catalyst. This will integrate Upcoming Due Dates for Catalyst into your Outlook Calendar. We first need to get the link for your specific calendar, and then add it to Outlooks calendar via the “Add from internet” context menu option. The steps to accomplish this are outlined below.

  1. Navigate to the Upcoming Due Dates page by following the link on the right from your dashboard.
  2. On the Upcoming Due Dates page, there is a link to an ical feed specific to you. It contains dates for objects that you are assigned to. Right click the link, and select “copy link address”
  3. In Outlook, go to your calendar. Right-click “My Calendars” select “Add Calendar” and then select “From Internet”
  4. A dialog will open prompting you to enter a web address. Enter the link that you copied from the “Your Calendar” address and click OK.
  5. On the next dialog, select “Advanced”, this will open another dialog so that we can set options.
  6. Give the Calendar a name and set its options to match the below based on your preference. Select OK when done.
  7. The calendar should now show up in Outlook under “My Calendars”
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