Set Up a ServiceNow Connection


This article is designed to set up your ServiceNow and Catalyst instances to be able to communicate with each other. First you will configure ServiceNow and then you will configure Catalyst and validate that Catalyst is able to communicate with ServiceNow.

Register Catalyst With Your ServiceNow Instance

  1. Find the Oauth link in ServiceNow and add a new application registry (see below)
  2. Click the link to “Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients”
  3. Fill out the required info, then click Save
    1. Name: Catalyst
    2. Refresh Token Lifespan (8,640,000)
    3. Access Token Lifespan (86,400)
  4. Reopen the Catalyst entry you just created and copy the Client Secret and the Client ID

Set Up A ServiceNow Connection In Catalyst

  1. Log in to Catalyst. Go to Administration->Manage My Account->Manage ServiceNow Connections
  2. Click New ServiceNow Connection
  3. Enter the Client Secret and Client ID (Client key) on the screen
  4. Enter ServiceNow User Name
  5. Enter ServiceNow Password
  6. Click Save
  7. Now, click the validate connection button and make sure the results show all passing (green) responses.
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