Create a ServiceNow Mapping to Pull Data into Catalyst


This set of instructions and walk you through setting up the mappings for pulling data from ServiceNow into Catalyst. This process requires that all steps be completed in the Set Up a ServiceNow Connection article. 

Create A ServiceNow Mapping

  1. Go to Administration->Import/Export, and click Manage ServiceNow Mappings. Each list in Catalyst that you wish to sync will get a mapping.
  2. Click New ServiceNow Mapping
  3. Fill out the information
    1. Title: [Can be anything descriptive of the mapping]
    2. ServiceNow Connection: Choose the connection you created in the previous section of this guide.
    3. Catalyst Section: Choose the Catalyst table you would like to insert data into.
    4. ServiceNow Table Name: Catalyst will auto-populate a table; however, you can pick from any of your ServiceNow tables.
    5. Insert Method: This is just like the regular Import; you can either elect to create new, or create new and delete missing.
    6. Insert Key: This is the field that Catalyst will use to match data between ServiceNow and Catalyst; if it finds a match it will update the record, if it does not, it will create a new record.
    7. Settings: This is where you map the Catalyst field to a field in ServiceNow. Some fields we recommend skipping, as they’re system fields (Lowest Requested RTO, for example, as this is a system generated field).
  4. When you’ve mapped all the fields, click Save. You’ll see an overview of the mapping you’ve created. This mapping will sync Catalyst with ServiceNow overnight; however, if you click the green Sycn Now button, you can sync immediately and at any time.

Review The Nightly Sync

To review the sync, go to Administration->Import & Export. The ServiceNow syncs will display in the Import History. Click the Details link for more information.

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